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Dr Τhomy Kouremada - Zioga

MD, MSc, MBA in Health Care Management

  • Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • Editorial Board Membership OMICS Publishing Group, USA

Artistry in hair restoration...

The Important in a hair transplant procedure is not only the implanted hair to grow, but how they will grow; to grow in a totally natural and undetectable way'.

Dr Kouremada is recognised as a highly skilled doctor with the ability to create extremely natural looking results...

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micro FUE

The renowned hair transplant surgeon Dr. Kouremada-Zioga is the pioneer of an advanced minimally invasive method, the Micro- FUE. The main advantage of this procedure is the very natural and undetectable results that can be achieved.

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micro U-FUE (unshaven)

In common FUE procedures the patient needs to shave his entire head. In some cases this is not convenient at all as many people are concerned about their appearance therefore they detest the idea of having their heads shaved ...

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Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow’s main malfunction is to prevent sweat entering our eyes.They consider being one of the most expressive characteristics and therefore they play an important role on interpersonal communication.

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dr kouremada zioga

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Dr.Kouremada Ζioga featured in "The Independent" ! Well known journalist Tom Peck's mood and physical appearance transformed after having a hair transplant procedure performed by Dr.Kouremada.

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A real life story from a patient that was operated by Dr.Kouremada Zioga. Visit the link bellow to read the story.

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According to Dr Thomy Kouremada-Zioga, there has been a surge in men experiencing accelerated hair loss due to the use of powdered protein and the activity they participate in at the gym.

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Consumers face potential of serious risk when unlicensed personnel perform hair restoration surgery..

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